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Library “Day in the Life” starts again tomorrow, so I am preparing to record what I do at work this week in the hope that it will be useful and interesting to other people who work in libraries, and help anyone considering librarianship as a career to see how varied the job can be.

My current job involves running a library which serves the following community:

  • 400 undergraduate students, across a wide variety of subjects
  • 200 postgraduate students, some on taught courses and some on research courses
  • over 100 university Fellows, tutors and lecturers who teach the students mentioned above as well as pursuing their own research interests
  • a small number of visiting readers who wish to consult a specific book, or use the college archives
  • plus anyone else from the college’s non-academic staff

I have two full-time assistant librarians in my team and two part-time shelving assistants.  Our library is open 24/7, almost all year except a break at Christmas.

My previous jobs have been:

  • Deputy Manager of Staff Development, Bodleian Libraries [blog]
  • Electronic Resources Senior Assistant, Bodleian Libraries [blog]
  • Assistant Librarian, St Clare’s, Oxford
  • Information Assistant, Northumbria University Library

… and before all of that, I was a secondary school science teacher.  My skills in teaching have been enormously helpful in all my jobs in libraries.

I enjoy the range of tasks I encounter in my job as a librarian, and the opportunities to help people find information are often found away from the enquiry desk or library office.  I look forward to recording what I do at work this week and hope that you will find it as interesting as I do!



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