Time for innovation

I have recently subscribed to Freakonomics Radio, and their recent podcast about “Reading, Rockets, and ‘Rithmetic” started me thinking.

The theme was about how you motivate people and groups to innovate, and mentioned Google’s 20 percent time, “a program where Google engineers spend one-fifth of their work hours on their own pet projects”.

I love the idea of being given work time specifically to try out new ideas.  Instead of holding a 60-minute brainstorming meeting with 20 attendees, costing 20 person-hours, why not give individuals ring-fenced time for trying out new ideas?  I’m not sure libraries and other workplaces are ready for this yet, but I feel excited at the possibility of a day a week, or one week in five to do something creative and different.

This is an idea to keep in reserve and look out for future opportunities to make it happen…



  1. I totally agree Laura. Being given the opportunity to work on something you are really passionate about can definitely help drive innovation – it’s something that has emerged recently in some discussions I have had with software developers.

    It’s a brave approach but something that I think can definitely pay off. I think staff would be more motivated in general if they felt like they had more control over aspects of their work too.

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