Escaping the echo chamber

Here is the Prezi  from Laura and Ned‘s presentation which I attended earlier this week:

Escaping the Echo Chamber [sorry I can’t embed it – WordPress won’t let me :(]

Despite labouring over the 4 pages of notes I took during their talk, I really can’t add anything new to their original message, so please watch the presentation if you haven’t already seen it!

The speakers agreed to being recorded, and the podcast will soon be available on the SLA Europe website.

Some other highlights of the evening:

  • Bethan and Jo spoke to the group about Voices for the Library.  This new group is working to promote the value of libraries – add your voice to their campaign.
  • The ‘M’ word blog – all about marketing libraries
  • Ned: There is no such thing as abstaining from library advocacy – you’re either doing it or doing it wrong
  • Also from Ned: the curve of engagement

The curve of engagement

Focus more resources on the ‘currently indifferent’ part of your demographic to make best use of your advocacy energies and resources.

  • Networking with Twitter friends – and here, the value of using a profile picture that resembles you is a major bonus, as people come to say hello and ask if I am @laurajwilkinson, so making introductions is suddenly much easier!

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