Recruiting the next generation of librarians

Yesterday I took part in a school careers evening and talked to many students about what a career in information means nowadays.

Many thanks to Ned Potter for allowing me to modify his original If you want to work in libraries presentation.

Although most of the young people I spoke to told me that they wanted to be a doctor, architect or primary school teacher, I hope I managed to dispel some myths and maybe in years to come they might remember this interaction and give librarianship a second look.


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  1. I think it is good just to get into careers evenings, not just to inspire future librarians, but also to highlight to others that it is a profession that requires dedication and professionalism. Then even if they don’t want to join the profession, they might have more respect for it.

    I certainly would have liked to know more about librarianship when I was at school and doing my BA, but unfortunately it was never really mentioned by the careers service. Just lucky I stumbled across the profession before I ventured down the route of graduate schemes with multi-nationals with many other grads (or not as the recession would have it)!

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