Are you a technology pack mule?

I’ve just been reading “Technology training in libraries” by Sarah Houghton-Jan and was struck by her description of “tech pack mules”.

In the first chapter, she builds the case for providing technology training for staff and one reason she gives is to lessen the burden on “tech pack mules” – the “staff (in positions of all kinds) who have kept pace with technological changes in the workplace and as a result end up as to go-to-folks for any and all technology questions and tasks”.

Until now, I hadn’t really thought of myself in this way, but I guess I am the kind of person who has this role.  Most of the time, I don’t mind being asked, and it’s nice that people feel they can come to me if they have a question (in the past week, I’ve been asked about library Facebook pages and the new library management system which is going live in July 2011.  Oh, and photocopiers).

I just hope it doesn’t turn into this…

(pssst… click on the image to view the cartoon)

Are you a tech pack mule?  How do you feel about it?


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