Starting out with 23 Things for Continuing Professional Development

Over the next few months, I will be participating in 23 Things for Professional Development.

I’m joining in as part of my ongoing professional development, and cpd23 will also be good to include in my CILIP Chartership portfolio which I’m currently working on.  The bits I’m most looking forward to are the reflection weeks, as I am hoping that these will give me an opportunity to develop my reflective writing skills.

I have registered my blog for cpd23 and and you can see a list of all the participants – wow, that’s a lot of people who have signed up!

Neighbours logo

So, time to have a look at some other participants’ blogs and “meet the neighbours” – no, not those ones.

I’m showing my age now, as the Neighbours logo has changed several times over the years but this is the one I remember…

I picked a few blogs to check out: Laura’s Letters, Real Ales and World’s Deadliest Librarian.  I left a comment on each one – when you’re new to blogging, it’s nice to know that someone out there is reading it!

Extra credit for anyone who can correctly identify the font used in the Neighbours logo – have a guess in the comments!



  1. The Neighbours font; it’s something brush. Or brush something.

    I’m sure there’s a brush in it. What’s worse, that I can guess at this or that I am now actually going to search out the answer because I hate not knowing?

    Good luck with the CILIP chartership – with every blog I read I realise how lazy I’m being in keep putting off starting.

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