CILIP Umbrella conference 2011

After attending the CILIP Umbrella 2011 conference earlier this week, I’ve come back to work buzzing with ideas and my Twitter feed is alive with new library friends I have made.

The conference Twitter hashtag was #ub11 and here is an archive of all the conference tweets.

I tweeted from most of the sessions I attended and found it really useful to follow the backchannel which allowed me to see tweets from other people in the same session and bounce questions about.  I also picked up on tweets from other events happening at the same time, which was especially useful when I was torn about which one to attend, and this meant I could (almost) do both at once.

The gala dinner on Tuesday night was lovely, and after an evening of library chat and no small amount of wine, Bonnie Greer’s passionate speech about the value of libraries brought a tear to many an eye of those present. Fired up with our mission as advocates of information and defenders of the universal right to access library resources, we embarked on day two of the conference with renewed enthusiasm.

Umbrella 2011 Gala Dinner

Mandy, me, Donna, Emma, Nicki, Jo

I’m now going to blog separately about the following sessions and themes:

Libraries and e-books

Not just bars and gigs – working in partnership with the students’ union

Gold and green routes to open access publishing

Librarians as researchers: that’s a good IDEA

Equality, rights and the hierarchy of oppression

Developing libraries beyond web 2.0

Staff IT skills survey


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