Aleph shortcut keys template

Oxford University libraries’ new LMS/ILS, Aleph, went live on Friday 22nd July and so far, it’s gone pretty well!

One feature of the new system is that you can use keyboard shortcuts to move easily between different tabs in each module (not rocket science, but a great leap forward from our previous system).

In a training session I attended this morning, some people said they were having trouble remembering which function key did what, so I made a template which looks like this:

I’ve added colours to the second line which match the background colours of each tab.

Then all you have to do is print it, cut out the version you prefer and place on your keyboard as a reminder:

Download the template



  1. Hello, thanks for sharing your template, I’ve just added it to my keyboard. One suggestion – F4 is a very helpful shortcut too (to clear the current patron or item info). I’m not sure of the clearest shortcut title perhaps Clear or Clear Info.

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