Getting organised: Google Calendar and Evernote

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development.

cpd23 Thing 8 involves exploring Google Calendar.  This is a tool I’ve been using for some time, and it’s great for keeping my life organised, especially as I can access it on my smartphone as well as from a computer.  Being able to share multiple Google Calendars is also helpful for scheduling things involving other people without clashing with existing commitments.

Thing 9: exploring Evernote.  I’m a big fan of GTD and have long been seeking a tool that would allow me to combine a to-do list, tagging, collaboration with others and  saving web clips and bookmarks… but Evernote’s not quite there yet.  The biggest problem from my point of view is the lack of a due date, though I think this is currently in development.  Once they’ve got this sorted, I can see that Evernote has great potential for being the grandma of all organising.


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