Why I deleted my Google Plus account

I’ve been toying with the idea of ditching G+ for a while now, and reading Woodsiegirl’s post this morning gave me the final push I needed to get on and do it.

I’ve already blogged about the G+ ‘meh’ factor, and having given it a few weeks, I still can’t see the niche that G+ was meant to occupy in my online social life.

I was uncomfortable with the number of random people who added me to their circles, and the odd way G+ handles your relationships with people who have added you to their circles even though you haven’t added them to yours (they can still see all of your public data.  Which may not be much, but I still don’t want them there, and it seemed a bit harsh to block them).

Although I try not to litter the internet with my personal information in the first place, I realised that if I’ve set up and account somewhere and have decided that the service is not for me, it’s probably best to delete it, even if only so that anyone following/friending/circling (?) me knows that I’ve gone from that site.



  1. I don’t have a Google Plus account, but I have deleted my Facebook account for very similar reasons. Seems to me that these sites – useful and rather exciting to begin with – have now got so out of control, with services that users don’t necessarily want being offered by the providers, and personal details becoming public property often unknown to the owner, that things are becoming a bit sinister. We shouldn’t be afraid to opt out of these systems, however ‘cool’ it may seem to be part of them. Facebook, frankly, was a timewaster. G+ too?

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  3. It’s called public data for a reason, it’s data you show to the public. If you don’t want it public don’t put it up. Same goes for Facebook to the same sort of thing. There might be some things you don’t want to be made available but you have no idea it is public but if you don’t put it up in the first place that solves the issue.

    If you feel you can’t block people then that’s more of a reason to think why you are using a service in the first place than a fault in their system.

    Personally I don’t care about G+ because they didn’t make it available to everyone. And now I’ve read so many reviews of it I really don’t care. If I’d been in it from day 1 maybe I’d have stuck with it but now I see no reason to even start

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