Integration, integration, integration

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development.

My use of the main tools in the programme hasn’t changed much recently, but I am getting more followers/hits/connections from fellow cpd23-ers.  Here’s how I use the following tools:

Twitter – great for making new library contacts, a bit of banter and also for benchmarking with professionals outside of my usual sphere.

Blog – this is my record of my CPD – born from my previous system of writing summaries of training I’d attended that I never referred to again, I decided to let everyone else on the internet never refer to my posts again too 😉

I have often wished that instead of compiling a Chatership portfolio, I could just ask Michael Martin at CILIP to read my blog and tick ‘chartered’ on my membership record, but sadly it ain’t so simple.  He has read my blog though – thanks, Michael!

RSS (via Google Reader) – essential for keeping up-to-date with new developments in the worlds of  libraries, technology and Cute Overload.

LinkedIn – Many people I’m connected with on LinkedIn are also people I follow on Twitter, and it’s on Twitter that we interact most, so at the moment I currently use my LinkedIn more like a Panini* collection of people I know rather than for active networking.

*When I was at school in Belgium, Panini stickers were highly sought after.

Italia 90

I am delighted that someone somewhere has scanned in their complete Italia World Cup 1990 collection.  Well done for finishing that – I could never find the German goalkeeper.



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