cpd23 final reflection

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development.

I was fortunate that the timing of cpd23 coincided neatly with preparing my CILIP Chartership portfolio.  As well as my blog posts, my portfolio was the major outcome of my reflective practice this summer/winter (depending on your hemisphere).

Thoughts about the cpd23 journey

It was loooooooong. Not just completing each Thing, but just reading the instructions each week came to be a bit of a task in itself.  If you’re planning a 23 Things programme of any sort, I advise keeping the posts for each Thing short and sweet, and give clear actions at the end of each one.

Focus on reflection.  I found this difficult, but I know/hope it’s good for me.  If you haven’t yet done a personal SWOT analysis, try this guide from Mindtools to help you get started.

I will definitely keep blogging!  Thanks for reading 🙂

Summary of posts for each cpd23 Thing

21, 22 Applying for jobs and volunteering to get experience

20 Library careers: routes in and what does this type of work actually involve?

19 Integration, integration, integration

18 Presenting: podcasts, screencasts and the like

17 Presenting with Prezi

16 Library advocacy

15 Events: attending, presenting at and organising

14 Comparison of reference management tools

13 Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox

12 Thing 12: short and sweet for catch-up week

10, 11 Librarianship as a career

8, 9 Getting organised: Google Calendar and Evernote

My involvement in professional organisations

Online networks

Minutes and agendas

Current awareness using social media

Monitoring my personal brand on the web

1, 2 Starting out with 23 Things for Continuing Professional Development



  1. Laura,
    Congratulations on completing – I think we should produce a cpd23 T-shirt!
    Did you directly reference cpd23 or your cpd23 blog in your Chartership portfolio? I am working on both also.

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for your comment. I did mention cpd23 in my portfolio, mostly as evidence of ongoing reflective practice. I didn’t include it in my PPDP because I didn’t think it was sufficiently specific for addressing any gap in my learning. I posted all my cpd23 updates on my main blog, and I did mention my main blog quite a bit because I often use it to write about events I’ve attended or presentations I’ve given.
    Good luck with your Chartership!

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