23 Things Oxford team win OxTALENT award!

Oxford University Computing Services’ OxTALENT [Teaching and Learning Enhanced by New Technology] annual awards recognise members of the University who have made use of ICT to foster learning and academic practice.

The Open Educational Resource Projects category recognises projects engaging groups of staff in ongoing activities which produce work explicitly licensed as ‘open for sharing’ using creative commons licensing.  In 2010 I led a team of librarians from a range of libraries at the University to run 23 Things Oxford, a self-directed learning programme to introduce library staff to Web 2.0 technologies – and the 23 Things Team were the joint winners in this category!

OxTALENT certificate

As part of the 23 Things course, library staff engage with a series of social media tools, share ideas, reflect on practice and write blog posts to contribute to a community resource for others.  The original 23 Things concept was developed by a librarian in the USA and has been adopted by libraries across the world, with each group adding their own local spin on the tasks.

138 members of library staff at Oxford registered to take part in the programme and set up blogs to record their progress. Of these, 82 participants successfully completed the programme.  Since the programme at Oxford, 23 Things has been run by other universities in the UK including Cambridge and Warwick, and at the moment 23 Things for Continuing Professional Development is underway.

Other members of the 23 Things team are Penny Schenk, Jane Rawson, Emma Cragg & Angela Carritt.  You can read more about 23 Things Oxford in this paper.

In August, I will be presenting a paper about the wider application of the 23 Things model in staff development at the International Federation of Library Associations’ conference on information literacy in Tampere, Finland.

Thank you OUCS for this award, and to the mystery person who nominated us!

OxTALENT winners

All the OxTALENT 2012 winners
Photo credit: Ian Miller



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