Taking off

I’m at Terminal 3 at Heathrow airport, waiting for a Finnair flight to Helsinki (hope I won’t disappear into Finnair), then a train to Tampere for the IFLA information literacy conference.

I’m carrying a large tube containing a poster about 23 Things Oxford and the application of the 23 Things model in other forms of staff development/continuing professional development.
At the end of October, I will be leaving Oxford to start a new job at the University of Sunderland.  Another departure, this time involving selling a house and also finding a job for ekcragg in the north-east!  We moved south 6 years ago as newly-qualified librarians, and it’s exciting to be heading home at last!
To Finnish (ha!), here are some facts about Suomi:
  • It’s a Nordic country, but emphatically not Scandinavian
  • Joined the EU in January 1995; founder member of the Euro in 2002
  • 2006 Eurovision winners (remember Lordi?)
  • “Sauna” is pronounced “sah-oo-nah” not “saw-nuh”
  • The Kalevala is Finland’s national epic and it was a strong influence on JRR Tolkien (don’t read too much of The Lord of the Rings, it’s hobbit-forming)
  • The world Mobile Phone Throwing Championships take place in Savonlinna each year in August (shame, can’t fit it into my itinerary this visit)


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