Seamless delivery of learning support services

Seamless delivery of learning support services: an emphasis on delivering programs that “make sense” to students

Vicki McDonaldQueensland University of Technology (QUT)

Vicki’s learning support programme combined information literacy (IL) skills and academic skills such as study skills and strategies.  It was staffed by liaison librarians, academic skills advisors, library advisors, peer advisors.

The approach has 3 levels: extra-, inter- and intra-curricular

  • Generic IL classes
  • IL skills taught in class but separate from course content
  • IL skills taught within context of the course

This approach is supported by the Studywell programme

QUT's Studywell programme

There is also the Study Smart series of tutorials

QUT's Study Smart tutorials

Vicki said that Study Smart was Creative Commons-licensed but the site itself doesn’t state this, unfortunately.  There is also a range of workshops and tours.

In 2010 there was a review of learning support at QUT – main outcomes:

  1. An integrated approach to learning support – acknowledge shared responsibility
  2. Diagnostic evaluation and curriculum integration of learning support resources and activities
  3. Communications strategy – use same words/terminology across divisions

No wrong door‘ approach – all staff are trained to handle a wide variety of questions, and if they have to refer the enquirer to someone else, they must follow through to make sure that the query is resolved.



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