Learning Grid

This post is part of a series about my visit to the University of Warwick to find out about their use of space in the library.

The Learning GridThe Learning Grid was established in 2004 as a social and technologically-rich space for students to work.

A view of the Learning Grid

The Learning Grid has two floors and its open spaces can be segmented using movable room dividers.  There are computers, whiteboards, smartboards and Panaboards as well as a reference-only collection of core texts.

The LG is staffed by a team of part-time student advisers – often PhD students.  They answer all sorts of questions from students, and many of them find that knowing about presentation skills and technology helps their work too.  I like this concept of having the Learning Grid staffed by students – hopefully they will feel comfortable asking for help from a peer, and there is also plenty of professional help available at the library (and librarians were students once, too!).

The Student Careers & Skills desk is located in a corner of the Learning Grid – a great way to combine other career skills into a ‘job preparation and seeking’ service, and having it in this central location helps to make it part of every student’s world from their earliest days at the university.

Student Careers & Skills desk


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