Thank you to everyone who sponsored me!

It’s nearly a week since I did the Great North Run, and I’m glad to report that I am now walking normally again!

THANK YOU to everyone who read my blog post about why I was running for Stonewall, who let me know that my post had made them think and most of all to those who gave money to this charity in my name.

So far, 69 donations have been made, raising £1,131.10 (£1,333.13 including Gift Aid).  I couldn’t resist putting this data into a spreadsheet – and I was amazed to see that the single largest amount of sponsorship (nearly 32% of total donations) came from people I know mostly or exclusively via Twitter, some of whom I’ve never met.  And that really moved me.

The race itself was a great challenge for me and I’m glad to say that I achieved my goal time of under 2 hours (01:58:10).  Thinking of all the support I’ve had from you helped spur me on during some of the tougher miles.

Thank you all xxx


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