Transforming the library at St Hugh’s College

Today is my last day in Oxford.  This weekend I’m moving home to the north-east to start a new job at the University of Sunderland on 1st November.  So, lest we forget how St Hugh’s College Library used to look, here are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos…

The library then (2010)

What the library looked like in 2010

L-R from top: View of the lobby; self-issue system (no security); accumulation of students’ belongings left unattended; returns system consisted of piling up books by the office door waiting for staff to check them back in; upstairs computer and printing facilities

The library now (2012)

What the library looks like now in 2012

L-R from top: Printed spine labels using DDC23 and author/title suffix; secure item return bin; informal seating area in the lobby with recreational reading, DVDs, Living Well and other new collections; students using the group study table; students using books and computers for learning; combined printer/copier/scanner and modern computers; RFID self-service kiosk

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this work by being a member of my library team, Library Committee, or part of the wider college and library communities in Oxford.  I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved 🙂



  1. Hi Laura!

    I always love seeing before and after shots – I have similar photos from a previous job and they always serve as a nice reminder of what I achieved even though they may seem like minor details to other people.

    Well done, and good luck in your new role 🙂


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