Board the good ship Discover as you embark on your voyage across the Sea of Information!

At today’s Student & Learning Services innovation event, I was presenting about Discover, our resource discovery interface.  I decided to go with a seafaring theme…


Laptop, map, and parrot ready to roll

When landlubbers came t’see me display, I’d invite them to sit awhile and hear me yarns of adventure on the high seas…  Here be the map:


As ye set sail on the Sea of Information, trust not the shoddy raft of Google for yer academic research.  Rather, board the good ship Discover and I’ll see yer safely through the choppy waters.

Beware the Login Cliffs, the steepest face of the paywall coast of the Island of Knowledge.  I’ll see you safely past, with Single Sign-On.  

As we reach Search Point, you must choose between the Basic or Advanced route.  Use the Facet Sharks to narrow down your search results.

If the wind is rising and you need to take cover, rest awhile at MyDiscover Cove, a folder where you can store your search results for future reference. 

Carry on to A-to-Z Bay to go directly to the resource or platform you need, or head straight for Full Text Beach.  Beware the Data Pirates, a lawless bunch with scant respect for copyright, or the terms and conditions of our e-resources licenses.

X marks the spot where you will find your treasure chest of knowledge, and you can rest awhile and read.  When you’re ready to set sail again, fish for new citations at Abstract Lake, and these will set you off on a new research adventure…


Aaaaaaaaaaar, me hearties!



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