KnowledgeBase+ Day

2013.11 Important vs UrgentTasks in 1 and 2 get done because they’re urgent.  Tasks in 4 don’t matter.  Tasks in 3 matter, but it’s difficult to find time to do them.  The solution?  Block off time for the important-but-not-urgent tasks, to keep them moving on.

With this in mind, I’m having a KnowledgeBase+ Day at Sunderland Uni library on 12th December.  I’ve dabbled in KB+ before, but know that I need to find some time in which to get to know it better, so I’m devoting a day to this.

I’m going to use the the documentation on the KB+ support pages as an outline curriculum, draw things on whiteboards, and bring in some treat food to make it into a fun event.

I’ve invited E-Resources folks from uni libraries in the north-east to join in and you are welcome too!  If you’d like to come along in person, please email me; otherwise, see ya on ze Twittère, #KBPlusDay.



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