Official opening of the new University of Sunderland interfaith chaplaincy centre

Interfaith Chaplaincy CentreToday, I attended the official opening of the new University interfaith chaplaincy centre.  The Centre is in Wearbank House, Charles St, just next to St Peter’s Campus, and historic St Peter’s Church.

The new Centre provides prayer spaces (including separate facilities for Muslim women and men).  There is also a library, which has DVDs and a DVD player, as well as books.
2014-03-12 10.08.29

And quiet spaces to sit and think.  A vase of yellow roses gave a warm, contemplative feeling to this room:

2014-03-12 10.08.03Various members of the Chaplaincy Team and religious leaders were involved in the opening ceremony.  However, this facility is more than a religious space – it’s a place where students and staff can step away from the rush and pressure of academic or work life and pause to reflect, and to meet.

I heard that there are plans to include a variety of cultural events at the Centre, and I think this is a perfect hub for the nurturing and development of the souls/spirits of all of us who are involved in the life of the University.


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