#ISEWLib2014 Information literacy

Main post: #ISEWLib2014 at the University of Helsinki Library

We all recognise the problem of trying to deliver training at just the right moment when students ready to take it in and use it!

At the University of Helsinki they have their own ICT Driving Licence course:

58 ICT driving licenceSuggestion from Monica (Ms Norway) about camouflaging information literacy training by getting PhD students to deliver it.  The message can be better received if delivered by someone the students consider their peer, or at least close to them in terms of age and experience.

Katarina (Ms Sweden) told us about the Socrative student response system, which is like Flinga and free.

20 My presentation

My presentation about Skills for Learning at Sunderland University Library. Photo credit Maija Paavolainen.

I (Ms England) told the group about Skills for Learning at @UniOfSunLib.

When resources are tight, or structures changing, think about what you can *stop* doing.

21 Veera customer

@veeris: Customer only cares about what’s in it for him, not about #library. Challenge to switch the message to answer that question.

Study circle cards (Kristina) – these lovely cards can be borrowed from enquiry desk:

22 Study circle cards

Study circle cards

Kristina’s presentation about study circle.  The cards give an introduction and activities on a range of information literacy and study skills themes.  Students can work through them by themselves or in a group.  More info in FinnishMore info in English.

Maija’s presentation about getting feedback on info lit sessions.

Problems with feedback are (a) students’ motivation to give it, and (b) [librarian] teachers’ willingness to receive it.

Solutions for (a): short MCQ form at end of session, give examples of what you’d like to hear in free-response section.

Solutions for (b): reduce sensitivity to criticism by doing it every session; not personal; constructive; good feedback is motivating.

Examples of feedback Qs (I liked emphasis on ‘apply in practice’ rather than enjoyment):

23 Maija feedback QsWhat was the most important thing you learned? (Also helps reinforce the learning points):

24 Maija most important


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