#ISEWLib2014 Public libraries in Helsinki

Main post: #ISEWLib2014 at the University of Helsinki Library

12 Tove tree

Wishing tree for children to record what the Moomins mean to them

14 Library garden

This public library has its own indoor garden (there are kids here, out of shot!)

15 Lost property

Making a feature of lost property

16 Nordic walking poles

You can borrow poles for Nordic walking! Image credit Veera Ristikartano

Lotta Muurinen gave us a tour of Urban Workshop, part of Helsinki Metropolitan Area LibrariesMaker Spaces are becoming an important part of Finnish public libraries.  Funding for Urban Workshop comes from city innovation fund, on a 2-year cycle.  Their equipment includes 3D printers, 3D scanner, vinyl cutter, graphics station, sewing machines, video editing, digitising stations, multimedia computers.  The venue is also available to use as a meeting place – free (naturally, this is Finland after all).

Staff at Urban Workshop help customers to do things themselves, learning as they go.  They don’t expect to keep on top of all new technology.  For the autumn, biohacking workshops are planned.

34 Veera happy taxpayer

@veeris: Lotta Muurinen presents @HelMet_kirjasto & its #urbanworkshop for #ISEWLib2014 I am one happy and proud taxpayer now!

Here’s the 3D printer in action:

35 3D printer in action

Presentation by Kari Lämsä of Helsinki City Library: From book storage to public space: why change the way we work?  Check out the full presentation – great images, and such energy.  Look out for:

36 Lunch disco

Lunch break disco in the library

Kari says this one is easy to write down, but hard to achieve.  Staff were given training in how to look available:

37 Doing nothing but being available

During rush hours, librarians walk around doing ‘nothing’ other than being available

38 Librarian as personal trainer

Librarian as personal trainer (instead of “ask a librarian”) – this is very popular

Public libraries in Finland offer free courses for people learning to use their new smartphone or tablet.  What a great way to win new customers and get people talking about how useful and relevant public libraries are today.

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