#ISEWLib2014 Research data management

Main post: #ISEWLib2014 at the University of Helsinki Library

Visibility services at Helsinki University Library make research outputs known to the world.  Terkko Kudos increases impact & visibility of published articles from Helsinki Academic Medical Center:

56 Terkko Kudos

Terkko Kudos

The Scholar Chart lists Finnish medical scholars across a number of institutions.

40 Scholar chart

Terkko Scholar Chart

See also the equation for calculating Terkko Factor!

57 Terkko Factor

How to calculate Terkko Factor

Impactstory is an open-source, web-based tool that helps researchers explore and share the diverse impacts of all their research products—from traditional ones like journal articles, to emerging products like blog posts, datasets, and software.

See Terkko Library on ImpactStory.

List of metrics sources used by @PlumAnalytics

42 List of metrics sourcesHere’s the full list of metrics used by Plum Analytics

41 Plum Analytics metricsWe all share experience of difficulty in getting humanities & social sciences academics engaged with metrics, compared with those in science, technology, engineering & medicine.

From Mari Elisa Kuusniemi’s presentation on getting started with research data management training systems, here are some examples of assignments for library staff on RDM training programme:

43 RDM assignments

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