#ISEWLib2014 Staff spaces

Main post: #ISEWLib2014 at the University of Helsinki Library

Marja’s presentation about changing staff working spaces at Viikki Campus.  When redesigning staff working spaces, information on workplace function and design was sought from an employee survey, usage info, and workshops.  Questions included topics such as primary working space, meeting rooms, acoustics, ventilation, and ease of keeping spaces clean.

29 Workshops

One of the workshops where employees shared ideas about their needs & wishes for their future workplace

3 different working profiles were identified:

30 3 diff working profiles Type 1 were called ‘anchors’; maybe 2 could be ‘coracles’, and Type 3 ‘clippers’?

I like how @HULib have spent time, effort, money on design of staff areas as well as the main library environment.  Details like these cheerful owls on an office wall…

17 Owls

Owls on the wall of a meeting room in the staff offices

… and these fun ways to unwind away from your desk must make it a pleasant place to work!

18 Wobble board

Katarina (Ms Sweden) demonstrating good way to get moving after sitting at your desk!

19 KipukoukkuKipukoukku ‘pain hook’ for releasing tension on your back.


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