Welcome to my blog!  Find out more about my professional life on my LinkedIn profile.  I often write about issues relevant to my professional life, but posts on this blog are personal rather than official.

What is a dark archive?

A dark archive is a back-up kept by e-publishers in case something goes wrong with their usual server or if they go out of business.  It is “dark” because it is not open to anyone, whereas “light archives” can readily be accessed.

I chose this name for my blog as it is a library/publishing/archiving term, and I like the sense of mystery around it.  However, unlike a true dark archive, the content on this blog is already public.


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6 July 2016: Journey to Full Text Finder: A Pilgrim’s Progress, EDS Conference, Regent’s University London

24 July 2014: EBSCO Discovery Service [EDS] and hard-to-reach groups, EDS Conference, University of Liverpool

3 June 2014: Skills for Learning at Sunderland University Library, International Staff Exchange Week, University of Helsinki, Finland

27 June 2013: “Board the good ship Discover as you embark on your voyage across the Sea of Information!“, University of Sunderland Student & Learning Services Innovation Event

9 August 2012: “The 23 Things Model: from social media exploration to other forms of information literacy“, The Road to Information Literacy – Librarians as Facilitators (IFLA satellite conference), Tampere, Suomi/Finland

28 March 2011: “Bodleian Libraries and working in a college library: co-operation, collaboration and competition“, Oxford & Cambridge College Librarians’ Annual Conference

23 March 2011: “So you want to work in libraries?“, Headington School & Magdalen College School Careers Evening

17 March 2011: “How I became a librarian and found job satisfaction”, Bodleian Libraries’ Personal Development and Career Planning Day

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This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

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